A tradition of land and leather

We are one of Australia’s oldest and most innovative suppliers of responsibly sourced hides and skins.

Our family-owned business was founded in 1926 by the late Loris H Hassall and has grown to be one of the most trusted exporters of quality Australian raw and semi tanned leather for fashion, sporting, luxury and automotive brands around the world.

Customers have relied on us for decades for consistent quality and peace of mind. They know we understand the Australian landscape and climate like no others and always strive to meet international best practice.

We keep getting better

Now in the hands of the third generation, our passion for producing quality Australian leather hasn’t changed, but the way we do things has.

We’ve become smarter, more efficient and more transparent about how we source and process our materials as we learn more about the impact of industry and agriculture on our planet. We are continually evolving our processes and technologies to reduce our impact on the environment and on our people.

We are staying connected to the land, to our suppliers, to the industry and to consumers.

Look for the gold rating

Our wet blue tannery is gold rated by the internationally recognised Leather Working Group, which runs the most rigorous and widely accepted environmental accreditation scheme for the leather manufacturing industry in the world.

We are committed to producing the finest quality wet blue leather by achieving customer satisfaction through the promotion of excellence in all of its business processes and activities, and to meet the quality, safety, environmental and social responsibility standards expected by our customers in the delivery of the products that we supply to them.

Our Integrated Management System Accreditation is comprised of and certified against the following standards: