Saved from landfill, turned into luxury

Our quality leather is a by-product of the Australian meat industry destined for landfill. We take this beautiful organic material from handpicked Australian processors with the best records for animal welfare and sustainability and turn it into something special and long-lasting using the cleanest tanning processes around.

We supply some of the world’s most reputable high-end fashion, sporting, luxury and automotive brands with custom-made quality leather to turn into beautiful, versatile and durable products. Compared to synthetic leather products, real leather will be loved, reused and repurposed for up to three times longer.

Enquire for more details about the grain quality, sizing and origin of our products.

  • Cattle hides and
    calf skins

    A soft and versatile leather commonly used for shoes, clothing and accessories.

  • Wetblue
  • Brinecured
  • Drum salted
  • Sheep and lamb

    A leather and wool synonymous with Australia commonly used in warm garments, footwear and rugs.

  • Drum salted and machine-pulled
  • Goat skins

    A durable, breathable and supple leather commonly used in bags, gloves, boots, rugs and traditionally book bindings.

  • Drum salted
  • Pickled
  • Kangaroo skins

    A very strong but soft leather commonly used in sports clothing and equipment and upholstery.

  • Drum salted
  • Pickled